Why Infants Have a Faster Heart Rate Than Adults

There is a reason that an infants heart rate is so much faster than an adults. An infants heart muscle fibers do not stretch as much as an adults, because the muscles have not matured. That means the infant heart must beat faster to maintain proper blood flow through their body. As they grow and develop, their heart can expand and contract more efficiently, so the heart does not have to beat as fast for healthy circulation.

Along with respiratory rate and blood pressure, the heart rate is one of the many variables used to determine the health of an infant. The pulse is used to check the strength, speed and regularity of a baby’s heart.

The heart rate of a healthy infant can be quite a bit faster than an adult’s. Your baby’s heart rate will be evaluated during routine examinations. It is important to note that an irregular heart rate can also indicate a problem and should be evaluated by a medical professional. For concerns about your infant or toddler’s heart rate, be sure to consult your pediatrician or family physician.